Police Officer (Stock Image)

Police are reminding local residents to check the credentials of cold callers after a report of bogus callers in Herne Bay.

At around midday on 1st February, two men called at a house in Selsea Avenue offering to replace guttering.

Sergeant Lee Thompson of the Canterbury Community Safety Unit said: ‘The men told the occupant it would cost him £350 to replace his old asbestos guttering with new plastic guttering.

‘One of the men pulled down a length of the guttering to demonstrate how old it was, breaking both the guttering and the telephone line.

‘The men did leave when the occupant asked them to, and it may be that they were perfectly legitimate, but we would always advise people not to buy at the door and never to let people they don’t know into their home.’

The men were both described as being white, of a medium build and aged about 40. One was 5ft 10in tall with black short hair. He was wearing blue jeans, a blue fleece and sand-coloured boots. The second man was about 5ft 6in tall and was wearing a baseball cap, jeans, boots and a blue fleece top.

Sergeant Thompson gave the following advice:

  • Always check whether they are members of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme or the Government Trust Mark scheme
  • Check the identity of anyone knocking at their door. Phone the company they are representing and confirm they are legitimate
  • If you want work done, discuss it with a friend or family member who can help you find a reputable trader
  • Don’t agree to any work or sign anything on the spot
  • Don’t be pressured into having any work carried out and never pay cash up front and or go to the bank or cash point with a trader

If you recognise the descriptions please call Kent Police on 01843 222289 or Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 quoting reference number ZY/5942/18.